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November Workshops at the


-Saturday, October 28th, 10am to 4pm,
and Sunday, October 29th from 10am to 2pm

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 Using the spiritual truth of the fourfold human being as a model for organizing thoughts in the creative process leads to living thinking, which produces a living form, for example, lecture, essay, poem, play, book. In addition to affecting the head and logical mind, the inner structure of these forms based on living, wave-like thinking can affect the heart forces of the reader or listener, hence the term “Heart Logik.” By bringing content and form into an organic and harmonious connection the logik of the heart is created.


 This type of writing is not new. It can be discerned in the Book of Job, Matthew Gospel, the discourses of Plato, and Goethe’s description of the archetypal plant to give just a few examples. Rudolf Steiner consciously and deliberately used heart-logik forms in his books lectures, architecture, Waldorf School lesson plans and curricula, as well as Eurythmy forms.


 The Philosophy of Freedom has been described as “the training manual for living form.” Mark Riccio will help us explore the many living forms in this book. Many of us focus on content and ignore form. This workshop will show us that form is important because it carries the content into the heart. We will come away with a deepened appreciation not only of what Rudolf Steiner wrote, but also of how he wrote it.


 Some of the works covered: a Blake poem, Lord’s Prayer, a Bible chapter, and the Philosophy of Freedom selections.


 Please bring colored pencils (blue, green, red, yellow, and a lead pencil) to the workshop as we will be sketching Rudolf Steiner’s texts. Copies of the texts will be handed out. 



Workshop Title: The Practice of Forgiveness according to Rudolf Steiner, Sergei Prokofieff, Michael Ryce


-Sunday, October 29th, 3pm to 6pm

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Forgiveness is one of the most misunderstood spiritual ideas and practices.  According to Sergei Prokofieff, forgiveness is central to everyone’s spiritual path, and our lack of forgiveness is responsible for our inability to work together on important tasks in life, work, and marriage.  Following Prokofieff’s suggestions, we will see how forgiveness can be brought about in our various energy bodies: astral-body, lower-ego, and higher ego. Based on this spiritual understanding, we will learn to take responsibility for our unloving reactions to our “neighbors”  by using Michael Ryce’s exercises (called “forgiveness sheets”) to bringing healing to fearful, hostile, guilt-ridden responses to people and life-events.


 This workshop is ideal for those who often work with “difficult people” and want to change their reaction (forgive) to those people; and it is also helpful for those of us who are difficult people and want to change how we treat/react to others. Those who work daily with challenging people, such as teachers, will benefit most by using these methods for their child study, dealing with parents, and fellow faculty members. As Steiner once famously asked: “Is my pupil's deficiency not the result of my own action?” or in other words: “make a change in yourself before wanting to see a change in others.” This is the type of forgiveness that we will be working with in this workshop.


 Please bring a short list of topics/people you would like to forgive as we will be going through the forgiveness process using examples from participants’ experience.


 About Mark Riccio:

 Mark Riccio grew up in Manhattan and graduated from the Rudolf Steiner School. He studied Anthroposophy with Frank Teichmann in Stuttgart, Germany. He also worked intensively with Rudolf Steiner’s heart-thinking meditation and writing with Florin Lowndes author of The Enlivening the Chakra of the Heart. Mark completed several booklets including his dissertation on Waldorf Education in the light of heart thinking, and his most recent book based on the work of George O’Neil and Florin Lowndes’ work: The Logik of the Heart: the organic templates of spiritual writers, Rudolf Steiner, and The Philosophy of Freehood (published in 2016, available at He currently lives in Honolulu.