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Courses will be offered in  2021:

About my workshops: In the few past years, I have given workshops at  various anthroposophical branches/Christian Communities in New York,  Harlemville, Spring Valley, LA, Honolulu, Madrid, and Freiburg. My topics include  Steiner's new thinking, Forgiveness work, Energetic field work,  Sexuality, and The Philosophy of Freedom.

    Currently, I lead four study groups: two  Philosophy of Freedom, a Knowledge of Higher Worlds, and a Forgiveness group. My current online/ZOOM groups are in Brazil, New Zealand, and Europe.  I am currently founding the George O'Neil Group and their Newsletter, the first edition to come out this December. 

     All of my course lead to experiences; they are not lectures or simply information. They require active preparation and presentations.

Introduction to the Work of George O'Neil and the

Philosophy of Freedom


     We will cover the basics of Steiner method of thinking and style of writing in the Preface and Second Appendix to the Philosophy of Freedom. By studying the structure of the writing , we will learn how Steiner composed his paragraphs and sentences.  These magical texts open up new possibilities of living in the thought-streams of Steiner's work. We will cover the three steps of O'Neil's organic living approach: master the content, master the form, meditate on the thought forms.

   Other activities will include learning to write or organize one's own thoughts organically.

The course will take place on every other Saturday, starting January 9th. PDF text will be provided. Meeting will take place on ZOOM/Skype.

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Study Course on Rudolf Steiner's Theosophy and its Thought-forms 


     This course will focus on the Introduction and the The Being of Man chapters of Theosophy. George O'Neil and Florin Lowndes did extensive research on the composition of Theosophy. We will cover their research by recreating the chapters and paragraphs thereby gaining insight into content and form of this important book.

The course will take place on every other Saturday, starting January 9th. PDF text will be provided. Meeting will take place on ZOOM/Skype.

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Knowledge of Higher Worlds and its Attainment: Study Course


      George O'Neil wrote a series in the anthroposophical newsletter on how to read a Steiner book. Although these essays are wonderful to read, it is much more important to follow him in his steps to mastery of the text and ultimately his/our own spiritual develop. In the afterword to the Knowledge of Higher Worlds Steiner says that when working with Knowledge of Higher Worlds, the student needs a teacher unless:

"It is only to a limited extent correct to say that further personal instruction is necessary beyond that contained in this book. No doubt someone may need assistance, and it may be of importance for him or her; but it would be false to believe that there are any cardinal points not mentioned in this book. These can be found by anyone who reads correctly, and, above all, completely."


    By mastering the content and form, by living in the pure thinking of the text, the reader can come into an intimacy with the text where the text begins to talk back.

   In this course we will cover the content and form of chapter 1 and 2 as well as practicing the exercises Steiner's gives and sharing our experiences.

   PDF of the translation will be handed out.

It will take place alternate Saturdays starting in January. Contact me if you are interested,

Energy Work, Forgiveness, Sexuality Workshops

 If you are interested in these classes, let me know.

 Grounding your Body, Expanding your Auric Field,
and the Practice of Empathy

 Psych-K & EMF Balancing Technique® for Accelerated ...

This workshop will start out by doing the techniques of “stepping massage” of Micronesia and Maori of NZ. These stepping techniques done with family or friends are so relaxing after a hard day’s work. These pacific island techniques also help you get you grounded into your body and out of your head. Bring a thick yoga mat and towel for this part.

      Once grounded, we will then work on aura-expansion and on filling our personal space with light. Learning to expand and fill your auric space has wonderful benefits in terms of energetic protection, health, and general happiness. We will cover three different expansion meditations such as the ‘pranic tube’ meditation, EMF spiral sweep, and expansion meditation. I guarantee you will feel different afterwards.

     The last part of the workshop has to do with interpersonal energetic relationships. Some practices covered: increasing our empathic experience of others; cutting energetic cords; learning to feel where others/self are closed down; learn how to open a room of closed people. Please join me in enjoying these wonderful techniques!


The Practice of Forgiveness:

             Forgiveness is one of the most misunderstood spiritual practices.  According to Sergei Prokofieff, forgiveness is central to everyone’s spiritual path, and our lack of forgiveness is responsible for our inability to work together on important tasks in life, work, and marriage.  Following Prokofieff’s suggestions, we will see how forgiveness can be brought about in our various energy bodies: astral-body, lower-ego, and higher ego. Based on this spiritual understanding, we will learn to take responsibility for our unloving reactions to our “neighbors”  by using Michael Ryce’s exercises (called “forgiveness sheets”) to bringing healing to fearful, hostile, guilt-ridden responses to people and life-events.

      This workshop is ideal for those who often work with “difficult people” and want to change their reaction (forgive) to those people; and it is also helpful for those of us who are difficult people and want to change how we treat/react to others. Those who work daily with challenging people, such as teachers, will benefit most by using these methods for their child study, dealing with parents, and fellow faculty members. As Steiner once famously asked: “Is my pupil's deficiency not the result of my own action?” or in other words: “make a change in yourself before wanting to see a change in others.” This is the type of forgiveness that we will be working with in this workshop.

      Materials will be handed out.



      Enhancing Sexuality: Intimacy as a healing path


   This workshop can help you go to places you feel in your heart exist, but can’t for various reasons access yet. Learn how move beyond fears and your intellectual mind, and let love and your body’s wisdom take over in love-making. Amazing things happen in terms of healing. Incredible states of self-awareness happen, when you learn to surrender to the power of the heart.  In this workshop we will discuss three modes of spiritual/healing sexuality that can change the way you approach intimacy and help move you beyond being satisfied chasing orgasms.

     The first mode is the Daoist path which is the foundation of many Eastern sexual practices and is a good introduction to spiritual sexuality. This ancient practice consists of an elaborate philosophy that includes different types of chi energy, diet, harmony between ying and yang, rhythmical sexual techniques, breathing exercises, meditation, and even the promise of immortality. We will cover the pros and cons of this approach.

     Second, I will describe the work of spiritual teacher Barry Long. Barry talks about how in ancient times true god-present loving-making took place that so was incredibly loving and healing that a great golden aura lingered. Barry goes on to explain how males were responsible for the degraded sexuality we have today in which women and men are barely able to access the incredible love-forces that were once at their disposal. I will give on overview of Barry’s ideas on how men can reestablish their lost ability to truly love women and create the once great golden aura. 

    The third mode I will describe is my personal journey in healing sexuality. I will share how men can open their heart and become super-grounded in order to create a safe environment in which women can bring in their own special energy which is normally suppressed.  When this succeeds very powerful love-forces are called in that bring us closer to a knowing of our true essence and feeling of self.  I will go over the struggles of keeping the heart open, of staying present with your partner, of learning to troubleshoot through healing moments brought up by intense intimacy, and the great responsibility to your partner that this amazing path entails.