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Classes on New Thinking

Currently there are several study groups all are HAWAII TIME (check times zones because Hawaii time never changes!)

New Thinking Study Groups:


Weekly study group:

Friday Beginners group on Rudolf Steiner’s New Thinking,

Starts Friday, January 26th, at 7am Hawaii time (12pm Eastern Standard Time)

The Second Appendix of the Philosophy of Freedom will be covered.




NZ/Australian Beginners Group

Starts Australian time: Saturday January 27th but it is Hawaii time: Friday, January 26th, at 12 pm please check time zone clock.

The Second Appendix of the Philosophy of Freedom will be covered.


Advanced Saturday New Thinking Group for Teachers:

10am Hawaii time

Permission required.


Every other Saturday group:

Beginners Group:

Chapter One of the Philosophy of Freedom sentence-level forms.

Some experience in Steiner’s new thinking is required.

Time: 12 pm Hawaii time (5pm EST)

Dates: 1/27, 2/3, 2/17


Click Here for ZOOM INVITE  to all study groups




     The best way to learn the new thinking is by joining our online study groups. Three times a year I offer an introduction to the new thinking on ZOOM.US. Shoot me an email about our next meeting.

     You can also join our Facebook group ( for updates about study groups and latest news on the O'Neil Group activities.

     There are some introductory videos on YOUTUBE ( online class:

    There are many ways to learn the Philosophy of Freedom and the new thinking. For people who are struggling with the content of the Philosophy of Freedom I have made a video class complete with texts, synopsis, and study aids.  I explain each and every paragraph and outline the main thought-forms of every chapter.

    Here is a discount coupon for the class ( ).


code:  BB314138594D960D43D9

Other courses I offer upon request:

  1. Introduction to the Philosophy of Freedom and new thinking (Preface and Second Appendix)

  2. Steiner's Theosophy and its thought forms - This course usually requires the Introduction Class.

  3. Education of the Child in light of Anthroposophy: how to meditate the whole thought-form: "the Waldorf Teachers' Meditation"

  4. Advanced Philosophy of Freedom Course:

  5. How to write like Rudolf Steiner: using organic form in your own writing.

  6. Waldorf Education from the point of view of new thinking

  7. Forgiveness: stop holding others responsible for how you feel

  8. The four light-meditations: grounding, pranic tube, EMF spiral sweep, color wash.

  9. Healing Sexuality: Taoism, Barry Long, and intimacy techniques.

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