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Classes on New Thinking

Currently there are several study groups all are HAWAII TIME (check times zones because Hawaii time never changes!)


Starting February 24th: Fridays, 7am, Beginners group, Second Appendix, : Meets every Friday!

Ongoing Groups:

  1. Saturdays, beginners group, 7am (HT) Second Appendix (dates: 2/4, 2/18, 3/4, 3/18, 4/1,) anyone can join!  

  2. Sundays, 8:00am  Second Appendix, Slovakian group:  (Closed group, unless you are a Slovak or German)

  3.  Saturdays, 10:00 am,  Advanced group, Philosophy of Freedom all chapters: (permission only)

   4. Sundays, Forgiveness Group 5 pm Hawaii Time:

Click Here for ZOOM INVITE  to all study groups




     The best way to learn the new thinking is by joining our online study groups. Three times a year I offer an introduction to the new thinking on ZOOM.US. Shoot me an email about our next meeting.

     You can also join our Facebook group ( for updates about study groups and latest news on the O'Neil Group activities.

     There are some introductory videos on YOUTUBE ( online class:

    There are many ways to learn the Philosophy of Freedom and the new thinking. For people who are struggling with the content of the Philosophy of Freedom I have made a video class complete with texts, synopsis, and study aids.  I explain each and every paragraph and outline the main thought-forms of every chapter.

    Here is a discount coupon for the class ( ).

Other courses I offer upon request:

  1. Introduction to the Philosophy of Freedom and new thinking (Preface and Second Appendix)

  2. Steiner's Theosophy and its thought forms - This course usually requires the Introduction Class.

  3. Education of the Child in light of Anthroposophy: how to meditate the whole thought-form: "the Waldorf Teachers' Meditation"

  4. Advanced Philosophy of Freedom Course:

  5. How to write like Rudolf Steiner: using organic form in your own writing.

  6. Waldorf Education from the point of view of new thinking

  7. Forgiveness: stop holding others responsible for how you feel

  8. The four light-meditations: grounding, pranic tube, EMF spiral sweep, color wash.

  9. Healing Sexuality: Taoism, Barry Long, and intimacy techniques.

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