Heart-Logik Classes and Workshops

List of Workshops on Anthroposophy and the Logik of the Heart:


Two-hour workshops:


Introduction to the Rudolf Steiner’s Logik of the Heart: 
  What is the logik of the heart and how did Steiner employ it when he wrote his books? Do your Anthroposophical studies fill you with enthusiasm? In this workshop, we cover a short text by Rudolf Steiner by exploring its organic composition based on the work of George O’Neil and Florin Lowndes. Other topics covered: Goethe’s Archetypal Plant, four levels of the Anthroposophical method which are necessary for understanding Rudolf Steiner’s Heart-logik.



Rudolf Steiner’s Ideal and Compromises in his Waldorf School:
  What was Rudolf Steiner’s Ideal Waldorf School and what were the necessary and unnecessary compromises made by Steiner and the movement? What was Rudolf Steiner’s method of organizing the curricula and lesson plan? Other questions addressed in this workshop are: is Anthroposophical study essential to Waldorf Education?  How does the logik of the heart relate to daily teaching activity and faculty study?



Rudolf Steiner’s organic thinking and the Waldorf Lesson Plan:
  This workshop explores Steiner’s statements about main lesson and skill classes. Why is the main lesson three-fold? Are there other ways of approaching the structure of the lesson?  Suggestions for looking at main lesson block and its parts from a new perspective.


Rudolf Steiner, Sergei Prokoviev, and the Practice of Forgiveness:
  Rudolf Steiner’s gave many exercises on how to change one’s reactions and attitudes to difficult situations. Sergei Prokoviev wrote an important account of how central and indispensable forgiveness is for the Anthroposophical path. In fact, changing our karma is completely dependent on our power to forgive.


  In this workshop we will explore the background principles of Steiner’s and Prokoviev’s forgiveness, how feelings and reactions can be wonderful indicators of change, and more importantly, I will share examples of my 15 years of experience working with Steiner’s “thought-cancelling-forgiveness method.”

  This workshop is perfect for those who often work with “difficult people” and want to change their reaction to (forgive) those people; and also for those of us who are difficult people. Teachers will benefit the most by using these methods for their child study, dealing with parents, and fellow faculty members. As Steiner once famously suggested: “Is my pupil's deficiency not the result of my own action?” or in simple English: “make a change in yourself before wanting to see a change in others.” This is the forgiveness that we will be working with in this workshop.


Rudolf Steiner’s Education of the Child in the Light of Anthroposophy: 
One of Rudolf Steiner’s finest essays. This essay is particularly remarkable not only because it is so rich in concepts but also because it contains a spectacular heart-logik form. The workshop covers how Steiner composed the 13 parts of this essay and how to meditate on its amazing form.



What is a Spiritual Writing Style?:
  Plato, Biblical Authors, Rudolf Steiner, Neale Donald Walsch all used a very special compositional style. This style is called the Logik of the Heart and can be found in advertising, poetry, and many other genres. This is an introduction to this special way of writing.



The Golden Age of Sexuality and its Relevance for us today:
  A long, long time ago, the human aura was fabulously expanded in a golden radiant form. The late Australian spiritual teacher, Barry Long, left an interesting account of the loving fullness of sexuality when ancient human beings still possessed a golden aura, knew how to be love, and make love.  In this workshop, we will compare the Taoist sexual path to the work of Barry Long to that of the modern Rosicrucian sexual path. We will address the question: what could a new path of spiritual sexuality look like?



Weekend workshop (12 Hours):


Level I: Rudolf Steiner’s Logik of the Heart in the Philosophy of Freedom:
   This workshop presents Rudolf Steiner’s special style of thinking, writing, and unique meditation called heart-logik because it engages the chakra of the heart directly. 

   We will explore the two Prefaces of the Philosophy of Freedom which contain all of the heart-thinking forms Steiner uses in all of his books. This new form of working with the composition of Steiner’s writing will open up doors not only to his often difficult style of writing but also  present a new form of meditation that is normally not discussed in Anthroposophical circles. Based on the work of George O’Neil and Florin Lowndes, this workshop prepares one to be independent in the Logik of the Heart to access the higher states of bliss, grounding, and spiritual capacities that come with proper study.


12-hour Workshop Format:


Part I Introduction (2 hours)


The Overview of the Heart Logik: study, practice, grounding and expanding exercises, meditation, and creative practice  



Part II Reading Well and Condensing Well (5 hours)


Grounding and expanding exercises  


Whole to the parts methodology


Learning to read and condense the heart-logik structures in the Preface and Second Appendix   


Part III Going into the Details (5 hours)


How to read the grammar, key-words, and forms within the paragraphs,
Sketching out the polarity and inversion

Preparing and Presenting in Heart-logik method

How to run a study group



Level II: The Logik of the Heart in Chapters 1 through 7 in the Philosophy of Freedom: