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Das Erwecken des Herz Denkens:
Wesen und Leben des sinnlichfreies Denkens in der Darstellung Rudolf Steiners by Florin Lowndes. A possible English title could be: "The Awakening of the Heart-thinking: Being and Life of sense-free thinking in the Work of Rudolf Steiner." The first published book on how Steiner composed his books. The book comes with package of color-diagrams of the various thought-forms Steiner used. There were supposed to be three volumes, but lack of interested cancelled the project. Instead of preaching a new heart-thinking of universal human importance, the book is focused on convincing Steiner's established readers - by quoting Steiner extensively - that they have been missing something important in their Steiner reading. The book at times reads like it was written with a hammer.

   This is a stark contrast to his best-selling The Enlivening of the Chakra of the Heart: The Fundamental Spiritual Exercises of Rudolf Steiner which has been translated into at least 10 languages.  I recommend this book to the extent that the writing exercise presented in the book is an excellent way to get started in your Heart-Logik studies. It is the first very clear book on how to complete the exercises. (After Lowndes wrote this doozy, every Anthroposophical big shot in Europe  came out with their own take on the very same.)  At the end of the book, Lowndes make the provocative statement that the six fundamental Exercises were secretly put into the six paragraphs of the Preface to the 1918 Revised Edition of the Philosophy of Freedom. Since Lowndes did not explain what he meant, readers got that they could simply read the Philosophy of Freedom aloud and thus have the benefit of the six exercises. Expecting that people would beg the question, cryptic Lowndes probably cost himself a lecturing career in the United States and England since he basically told everyone mere reading of a Steiner text is all you need. 

  Lowndes has  on his website free of charge his own special  "heart-think" German editions of  Steiner's basic books, such as GA 2, 4, 5, called Code-X. This series is unique because of the careful work and attached articles that come with each book. Lowndes went back to the Steiner original editions and reproduced them with heart-thinking colors and forms in the margins. These books should receive a commendation for beauty and for an inventive way of reading Steiner. The Code-X Editions are the best research done in Anthroposophy and you will learn some amazing facts about each book Lowndes covered.

  Lowndes edited the original manuscript and co-wrote the final chapter of George O'Neil's Human Life. It is a great book to work through especially the LIFE CHART that is constructed in a heart-thinking tableau form. (I fill out the LIFE CHART every birthday!) More importantly, the book is written in the Logik of the Heart style, the first book in English to be consciously written in this way.

  Because there was so little available on the Logik of the Heart in English, I wrote a booklet called "A Study Guide for Rudolf Steiner's Heart Thinking". (Now a PDF file) This short booklet outlines the basic method of how to study the Preface and Second Appendix of the Philosophy of Freehood.  These dual prefaces have the nine major thought-forms of the Logik of the Heart and thus they are perfect texts to study in order to get feel for the forms.  (There is a Spanish and Romanian translation on!)

 I tried to provide a honest translation of the Education of the Child in Light of Anthroposophy (called A Primer for Spiritually Thinking Educators). It has a study guide for heart-thinking forms. The 65 paragraphs of Steiner's essay have an amazing form. I wish that Waldorf Educators would at least react to the translation. It sold about 150 copies but I have never heard a word about what people think of it. Please if you have read it, give me your feedback.

My first attempt at writing about heart thinking was An Outline for a Renewal of Waldorf Education: Rudolf Steiner's Method of Heart Thinking and the Waldorf Ideal. Large title for a little book. I thought this book would provoke some discussion in the Waldorf community. No chance. Mature Waldorf educators read it for their own benefit, and I have heard some schools  have implemented aspects of the plan. Florin Lowndes helped me with the outline of the book and the booklet was based on an article he wrote which was submitted to members of the Pedagogical Section in Dornach who publicly scorned it,  but privately used aspects of Lowndes' material in their own workshops and lectures.

Everything I wanted to say about the new thinking is in my recent book The Logik of the Heart. I originally wanted to publish the book with a non-anthroposophical publisher. Once this did not go so well, I tried with Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophical Presses who also rejected it on the grounds that it would not sell very many copies. My dream was to be published by Shambala Press. Maybe my next book.

Our Recent Spanish Edition of The Study Guide For Rudolf Steiner's Heart Thinking, available on

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Mihaela did a great Romanian Translation of the Study Guide For Rudolf Steiner's Heart Thinking. I am so happy!