Starter Texts and O'Neil Archive

Where to start? The Logik of the Heart starts with a simple consideration of the four questions and their qualities: what? how? why? who? or you can study the four-fold human being: physical body, etheric body, astral body, and ego as they were presented in Steiner's Theosophy, Chapter 1 Section 4. The four questions and 7 bodies and their interval qualities is a model  that processes an idea from different perspectives. By thinking in these perspectives or levels, we begin to see the world in a different light.


O'Neil sometimes wrote about Steiner's work by using diagrams. Here is O'Neil's wonderful series of articles on Knowledge of Higher Worlds and Its Attainment.


I wrote several articles on how O'Neil's discovery of Steiner's method would change the way we study. The 2010 article presents George's take on Chapter 5 of Knowledge of Higher Worlds. George was fond of making study pictures of the content in order to help himself and students master the content before they move on to the meditations.

Newsletter of the Portland Branch 2010


The 2011 article has to do with proper translating of the Philosophy of Freedom. It argues that each and every sentence within a paragraph has meaning to the form or overall composition.

Newsletter of the Portland Branch 2011


George's work is fun and challenging! Portland, you should try it.