Anthroposophy and Heart-Logik


  What is the relationship between the Logik of the Heart and Anthroposophy? Anthroposophy is simply what Steiner gave to the world in terms of information and innovation. His lectures and books consist of his arguments, spiritual descriptions, presentations on medicine, Christology, meditation, Akashic readings, channelings, and artistic creations including painting, sculpture, and architecture. Some of Steiner's work came from his clairvoyant research, some came from healthy common, academic research, and intuition. The Logik of the Heart is the medium Steiner used to express his ideas. While Steiner expressed himself in normal logical thinking, he also used a higher logic.

  His thoughts, when expressed in lectures and books, took on the form and order of the Logik of the Heart. Yet again, Steiner was an innovator of the already existing Heart-logik in that he expanded upon its possibilities and genres. In fact, one can sometimes hear this organicism when reading a cycle of lectures aloud. (O'Neil noted that even though some of Steiner's Heart-thinking forms are blatantly obvious, Steiner's followers have had little feeling for form. As an amazing exception, Eurythmists have been great students of this new-thinking. Most Steiner oriented people are stuck in their intellect and very proud of it.) His books, however, can be challenging because he put so much work into their presentation and he had more time to work creatively and with tremendous subtly.  Each book of his gives a new heart-logik form, syntax, and grammar.

   One difficult aspect of Steiner's work is to figure out when he used the Logik of the Heart and when he did not, as this is not always clear. This confusion has given Anthroposophists the ammunition to say that Steiner's special method of writing is just an intellectual curiosity of no value. Heart-logik detractors say it doesn't matter HOW Steiner wrote, but WHAT he wrote. Heart-logik detractors make up the majority of the individuals in the Anthroposophical movement including all of its leaders in Dornach and the United States, Steiner book publishers, Waldorf leaders world-wide, and the Christian Community. Most detractors believe that by simply having read Steiner's books, they have unconsciously picked up the Logik of the Heart!

   Where is the Logik of the Heart in some of Steiner's endeavors? I am no expert in Steiner's architecture, however, on a tour of the Goetheanum, Steiner's architectural wonder in Switzerland, the tour guide said that the building was planned with the Heart-Logik proportions of rhythm, enhancement, polarity and inversion.  A Eurythmist friend of mine showed me how many of the musical pieces Steiner chose for the Eurythmists had clear and decipherable Heart-Logik forms, and that the Calendar of the Soul verses and forms required Eurythmists to move back and forth, sideways, and cross over according to the same Heart-Logik laws. I have heard from members of the First Class (a study group of dedicated members of the Anthroposophical Society) again and again that the 19 lectures contain three 7-forms connected. At one time, a group of Christian Community priests were working on the Heart-Logik aspects of the service, but unfortunately did not have the courage to go public with their findings. (Waldorf Education I will cover in a later section.)



  One more time: how does the Logik of the Heart relate to Anthroposophy? By starting with The Logik of the Heart and then approaching Steiner books, lectures, and other accomplishments, we will have new insights into how Steiner did things and appreciate in a more systematic way what he did.

   Rudolf Steiner was an incredible person. The awe that I have for him comes from the fact that he invented and renewed so many aspects of civilization. Where other multi-talented individuals have one central idea such as Einstein or Jung, Steiner literally reinvented education, Western cosmology, homeopathic medicine, architecture, nearly inaugurated a new government form, founded a church (35,000 members) that includes the doctrine of reincarnation, ordination of females and many other gems.

   It is now time to recognize his most ignored achievement: The Logik of the Heart as it is found in his 21 books and countless lectures. Steiner said that if this new thinking were not grasped, Anthroposophy would be misunderstood by the world. Exactly what has happened.