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Learn to think dynamically!

Welcome to and homepage of the George O'Neil Group

The page is still under construction. If you need to go to my older website, please click on the following link: Welcome ! - Organicthinking (

About us

The George O’Neil Group is dedicated to teaching Rudolf Steiner’s dynamic, four-leveled thinking system and meditation in his Philosophy of Freedom. A modern approach to soul development called heart-thinking. Please subscribe to our newsletter, check out our study groups, and support our new thinking Waldorf college endeavor.

We also have Zoom classes and online videos where you can learn the basics of the organic thinking.

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The "GONG" Newsletter:

George O'Neil Group Newsletter aims to educate people about the ideas, patterns, and challenges of new organic thinking. You will find articles about Rudolf Steiner, Great books, meditation, Waldorf Education, and Christian Community.

Energize your Thinking!

What is the organic thinking?

How do you learn it?

Why would you want to learn it?

Who to work with?

About me

My name is Mark Riccio.
I spent years mastering organic thinking, grounding and energetic expansion, forgiveness practice, and healing sexuality. Everything I do challenges

widely held assumptions as my teachers challenged me. Would you believe there is a new living thinking that one can learn like any other art?

This website will introduce you ways to unfold an inner sense of well-being and dynamic thinking.  Each of the categories build on each other. One needs a new qualitative thinking to understand why grounding and expanding are so important. Grounding and expanding are the foundation of energetically dynamic sexuality and the new thinking opens the heart chakra. Higher sexual intimacy requires forgiveness in order for couples to navigate a sexual healing relationship.

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Foundations of New Thinking

Therapy Sessions


Philosophy of Freehood Classes

 Learn the new thinking, and how meditate a book by Rudolf Steiner.


Soul Enhancement

How to ground, emanate light, and cleanse for opening up the heart chakra


Proposal for a New Thinking  College

The George O'Neil Group is now raising money for our new thinking foundation year and dynamic Waldorf teacher training. Click here for more


Forgiveness, or cancelling goals we hold for others

Learn how to make a change in yourself and release blame, emotional pain, and repetitive behaviors.

Resources for New Thinking

The O'Neil Group has members in various nations who teach Steiner's new thinking: Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian, Flemish (Dutch), French, and even Hebrew! We try to provide accurate translations of Steiner's work that reflect the new thinking.


About George O'Neil


Florin Lowndes and his work


Books and articles


Study new thinking in different languages except German


Spanish new thinking resources

In what I have named Anthroposophy, in fact in the Preface to my Philosophy of Spiritual Activity, you will meet with something which you not be able to comprehend if you only give yourself up to that passive thinking so specially loved today, to that popular god-forsaken thinking of even a previous incarnation.

Rudolf Steiner, Educational Youth Course

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